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Bike hire


bike hire kiosks​

Hire Prices per bike

$15 - 1 Hour
$36 - 4 Hour
$54 - 24 Hours
$96 for  3 days
$168 for  7 days

additional merchant fees apply

Bikes for all ages, offering a fun affordable way to explore the area.

Open from 6 am until late every day

​How To Hire A Bike

Go to the nearest bike station location, follow the on-screen prompts, payment is only by credit card.

Payment method


Payment is only at the station by Credit Card – Visa or Mastercard, not Amex, debit or EFT.

bike hire


Collect a bike after following the on-screen prompts. Then go to the bike, push in and pull out to release the bike.

Helmets use


Free Helmets are available from retailers nearby the bike hire station. Helmets must be worn by all riders its the Law.

return bike to kiosk


Part of the hire agreement is that the bike must be returned to the same bike hire station and the helmets to the retailer.

The Bike Hire


Problems when releasing

a Bike

Returning a


Things to see and do

Most of our locations follow the edge of a lake, beach, river or coastline. Offering pristine views, beautiful parks and fun playgrounds. All have lots of things to see and do.

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