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The Bikes and where they are…

There are four locations in the Wollongong Area, open to the Public:

Bulli Beach Tourist Park, 1 Farrell Rd, Bulli. Lots of free parking & café nearby. Close to Train station

The stations are self-serve, bike hire systems, similar to a vending machine that requires a credit card to unlock a bike – open every day.

All are on safe, flat easy to ride bike paths suitable for all ages. Every station has bikes with child seats and baskets as well as children’s bikes.

Free Helmets from the helmet bin at the park reception.

Note: The station only accepts physical credit cards and some debit cards. No tap and go options are available.

Things to do in Wollongong on a bike.

Wollongong has over 30km’s of flat, safe dedicated Bike paths and the Wollongong Bike hire stations are right next to them. The Bike Paths wind alongside the beaches and waterways where there are lots of things to see & do, including fabulous cafes, parklands and playgrounds plus amazing bird and marine life. Get out there and have fun!

Bike riding is a great family outdoor activity that gives freedom for adults and children to explore and relax at the same time.

Where to Ride

Follow over 30 km of safe, flat dedicated bike paths that follow the beaches and waterways. All with a wealth or things to see and do along the way.

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